Searching help to remove metallic sound from audio

Hey all.

I have a problem with my audio file, which I recorded with my phone (not the best idea, but bear with me). For some reason the first ~13 seconds of the clip has some weid metallic sound in it, as well as few clicks, which I am able to remove with repair tool with some time and effort. I tried to normalize it, but can’t seem to get rid of it.

Would appreciate any help you guys can give! It’s a small video I’m working on for my father who just recently found an old car of his and was able to buy it back, so it would be a big deal if I could give him a small “montage”

Theres a 15 second sample from the beginning where you can clearly hear the sound and it disappears around 13 seconds.

Thanks in advance!

not the best idea, but bare with me

The phone recorder is likely causing that problem, You can get rid of the clicks by selecting each one and silencing it with Control-L. There are more exotic ways to deal with this by using the vinyl record click removers.

The metallic sound you’re stuck with. That’s the recorder trying to do echo suppression and environment cancellation at the beginning of the recording like it does when you have it on Conference Mode. Some Personal Recorder APPs allow you to turn that off. You’ve never heard that before because normally that effect only appears at the other end of the call. That’s the cellphone curse. They don’t have real telephone “sidetone,” so you never know you sound like trash at the other end unless someone says, “I can’t hear you.”

Personal Recorders are actually a pretty good way to grab sound, but you do have to pay attention to what they’re doing. They’re a lot more complex than an old tape recorder. One simple work-around is start the recorder 13 seconds before anything valuable.