Searching for the same/similiar "waveform" within an audio?

I have an audiobook that is voice only and I would like to remove a specific word (compact disc) that occurs several times in the audio.
Is there another way of manually searching for the word in the audio? I would like to select the first one and let the program select words that are similar or the same to this one. maybe it can analyse the waveform of this word and select similar ones.

If this is not possible with audacity, are there any other programs that can do this? or is this technically not possible?

It is technically possible as long as the occurrences of the repeated word are sufficiently similar.

Audacity can’t do it, and I know of no other programs that can do it.

Basically you are talking about “voice recognition”. If you have a voice recognition program and an audio editing program, and the two programs are compatible, then it would theoretically be possible to configure the programs so that the voice recognition program could tell the editing program to place a marker when a particular word or phrase was detected.