Search track function

It would be amazing to have a search track functionality that either scrolls to a track or filters out tracks that don’t match the input.

Use case: I use audacity for exporting hundreds of voice work for individual words for language learning apps. I’ll often need to edit a specific word, and each time I have to scroll to find it. Even with a sort function, it’s still very tedious. Thanks.

Trebor, I wonder if Mike018 is referring to track names, not the audio itself…

MIke018, I’m hoping others might pitch in if it might be possible to do this with nyquist, macros, or mod-script-pipe. I’m looking at Audacity Scripting now; see: Scripting - Audacity Manual

I see methods to move the focus to the next track, and methods to set the current track name, but it is not immediately obvious how to retrieve the current track name.

Here are some forum posts you might explore for additional ideas/inspiration: