Search not returning all results?

Lately, when I have clicked on “View new posts”, the search often seems to return fewer unread (by me) posts than there actually are.

For example, I know that there are three or four posts, posted yesterday or today in various areas of the forum, which I haven’t read, and which show up as unread if I go to the particular section of the forum, but aren’t returned by the “new posts” search.

Maybe it’s coincidence, but this only seems to be happening since the forum software was recently updated.

Is it just me, or has anyone else seen this?


I’ve not noticed that myself, but I’ll keep an eye open for it.
I think the “View New Posts” just lists posts that have been made since your last visit.
I usually use the “View Active Topics” link (got it bookmarked).

Ah (said he, seeing the light), now it makes sense!

If I read all the “new posts” results every visit, (as I usually would) then everything worked as I expected. However, if I left some topics unread, and came back later, they dropped off the end of the list, unless there had been a new post in the meantime.

Put that one down to “Operator Error”.