search for specific sound in mp3 audio

I am thinking of using Audacity to search for some specific sound in a recorded mp3 audio (3 to 4 hours duration).

The specific sound is an object dropping on the floor created an impact noise.
So I was thinking of maybe to first examine one typical sample noise’s frequency, duration, and loudness.
And use these 3 info as a guide to search for a similar noise in any future MP3 recording audio.

Take for example, if the same noise frequency is 200hz, lasted for 0.2 sec, and with loudness of 5dB.
Then I would search for 100 to 300 hz, 0.1 to 0.3 sec duration, and loudness of 3 to 8dB in any future audio file for a similar sound,

is this the way to go about it ?
And exactly how it can be done technically using audacity ?

The recorded mp3 audio will have many other noise, so I am trying to pick up the specific sound I want from a 3 to 4 hour noise recording.
The specific sound could have appeared several times in the mp3 audio.
So my objective is to use Audacity to search for all these occurrences automatically.

Can this be done ?

If that is the only sound, then you should be able to easily see it as a blip in the waveform view.
If there is a too much background noise to see the blip, then it is probably not possible to find it automatically, though if you know that the sound definitely has specific frequencies, you could accentuate those frequencies using the Equalization effect.

Thanks Steve,
I maximized frequency range from 60hz to 300hz in Equalization effect, (my sample noise frequency is 200hz), and those specific noise does becoming obvious in the waveform view, allowing me to focus on those spots.