Search feature in Manual

A search box feature (like in the wiki) is useful, under help menu, or in the manual.

Thanks for the suggestion.

This is something that we have wanted to do for a long time.
The main problem is that the manual is used on-line, and as local html files on Windows, Mac and Linux, so (ideally) the search would need to work with multiple browsers on multiple platforms, and be self contained for off-line use.

When you have internet access, a very effective way to search the manual is to use Google with a search query in the form:

site: "search terms"

For example, to search the manual for “timer record”, go to Google and enter the search:

site: "timer record"

The first hit for me is:

Note also that the first page of the manual has links to most sections of the manual, and the big image of the Audacity interface (on that page) is clickable.
The most common way that I search for things in the manual, is to either search the first page with my web browser search function, or click on an appropriate part of that big image.

Good work around!
The same may be incorporated as a ‘search manual’ item under Help menu, using some script internally to execute the google search.
That’s my loud thinking, without going into the intricacies.