Seamless Splicing? - guitar solo

Can anyone give me some tips for splicing guitar parts with Audacity? I have a long solo piece I have tried to record, but just cannot seem to get it in one single continuous playing. I want to splice two separate parts (recorded separately) together seamlessly. But the splice is not at a very convenient spot - it’s not at a natural break in the tune. It’s right in the midst of a very tricky fingerpicking section. Interestingly, I can play it perfectly, sometimes, when I am not trying to record in front of video camera !

I am not a geek (understatement) but I can do very basic stuff with Audacity. I think there might be functions that could actually make this kind of splice easier - but just not sure how to use them. I would like to learn some more advanced techniques.

As an aside, I must admit that I don’t like the idea of splicing at all - just seems to sort of lack a bit of integrity. Maybe that’s misguided and perhaps it’s more of a philosophical question. And maybe splicing does not differ all that much from alll the other doctoring that folks do with effects, etc. That said, I will keep working on being able to play the piece through.

Forest, VA, USA

Put each take on a separate track. Try to align both in the place where you want to “splice”. Fade one out while you fade the other one in.

You can either use the Fade In/Fade Out effects or you can use the envelope tool.

tiny bit of overlap …