SE Electronics X1 USB Mic

First post on this site so I am hoping someone may be able to help?

My darling wife bought me a SE Electronics X1 USB Mic for Christmas and I am having terrible trouble getting Audacity to recognise the new mic. I am running windows 7. I have looked on youtube which is normally bails me out of trouble but I am really struggling on this one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


By far the most popular problem is people plugging the microphone in after Audacity is already running. Audacity checks for new equipment when it starts.

Connect the microphone (does it have lights on it?) and when Windows settles down, then start Audacity. You can also use Transport > Rescan…

There’s another way Audacity can miss the microphone. I expect the microphone to be Mono (one device or sound channel). Make sure Audacity is set for Mono and not Stereo in Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices > Recording. Then Transport > Rescan…

It’s most unlikely that the microphone will arrive as “SE Electronics,” or a convenient name like that. It’s much more likely to be named “USB Audio Codec” or some other cryptic name. So what you’re really looking for is a new listing of some sort that didn’t used to be there.


Missed one. You search for the microphone using the Device Toolbar.