Scrolling past right edge of window

I’m expanding what I know about Audacity, and I have a question.

I’m using Windows 10 and Audacity 2.4.2

I’m trying to select a section of a project to loop and use as a temporary practice track. I have Quick Play enabled and Enable Dragging Selection enabled. The selection will not scroll to the right of the screen. I can see it selecting from my start point to the right screen edge, then it stops and will go no further, it will not scroll to the right. And when I release the mouse button the selection plays from my start point to the point at the right edge of the window then stops. But if I deselect the Enable Dragging Selection feature it works. Why is that? I guess I’m confused about what Enable Dragging Selection does.


“Selection” as in “Selected Audio”.

Easiest way is to zoom out sufficiently so that you can select (approximately) the region that you want to loop.
Then, zoom in on the ends of the selection and adjust if necessary to get the exact loop start / end (Hold down the shift key then click on the waveform to grab the nearest edge of the selection).
“Shift + Click” on the TimeLine to start loop playing the selection.

…what he said. :smiley:

I sometimes create a label via Ctrl-B to help mark my boundaries. It can help if I get lost with zooming. :smiley: