Scroll Bar Missing

Got a problem with version 3,2 and 3.3. Every time I load a large MP3 About 7hrs I am unable to scroll right to the end of the MP3 because Audacity is not showing a scroll bar. Sometimes I can reset in view and it shows up. Never had any problems in earlier versions. My OS is MX Linux.

Testing on W10 with 3.3.2

I cannot reproduce this.


It sounds like this bug (May 16, 2022): Linux: Missing horizontal scrollbar · Issue #2937 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

A workaround that works for most people is to toggle the Audacity between maximised and non-maximised.

Appears to be an issue with Linux. I am using MX Linux Debian based, I should try and Arched based version. Never had the problem before version 3.2 always worked great.

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