Scripts execution and Pop-up message boxes

Hello guys,

I regularly use scripts to normalize and convert to MP3 packs of files. While Audacity is working, I usually take the chance to do something else on the computer.
But, since ever, there are constantly pop-up message boxes that are coming in between me and my work. The result is of course to “stop” the operation by hitting the space bar and then the script misses one or two files.

I tried with multi desktop to put audacity a different one but the pop-ups come on the one I’m working.
I could not find anything parameter to set so that the script processing goes silent.

Does anyone know how to remove those very annoying pop-ups?

Working with
Ubuntu 16.04
Audacity 2.1.2 from Canonical repository

It depends what the pop-up messages are.
The pop-up asking for metadata prior to export can be disabled in Preferences:
“Edit menu > Preferences > Import / Export → Show Metadata Tags editor before export”

Sorry I should have been more precise.
Those one indeed I succeeded to remove them and edit the tags after since I want Id3v2.tags.

The ones that comes up are per file the “Normalize” and after the “convert to MP3” showing a progress bar.

I understand they can be useful when I am working one file at a time but when I massively work on files thy are very annoying.

It is not possible to suppress those messages, though as you are on Linux, you could set the application window that you are working with to “Always on top” (most Linux Desktops support this feature).

Good idea… I thought about trying the “always on the bottom” for audacity or the pop-ups but since they are killed eachtime, the option did not stick. I didn’t thought about the opposite. Not the best since I need to do it with all the windows I’m working with (tageditor + mediaplayer + notepad +… multitasking is hell ! ;op ) but it is OK for now.

Sounds like you need a second computer :smiley:

I’m currently working on the third one… The two others have tasks to perform. :mrgreen: