Scripting Timer, Chain, and Export

I have a gajillion cassettes I am using Audacity to digitize. To make it a bit more hands-free, I was hoping there was a command line I could run that would accomplish the following:

  • Do a Timer Record so audacity stops after 20 minuntes
  • It applies a chain
  • It exports an mp3 (Yes I have lame) to a specific directory using the name I pass as a parameter on the command line.

Any help HUGELY appreciated, and RTFMs welcome, though I looked around and did not find what I needed.

No you won’t find it in the manual. Audacity is designed as a graphical application and it can do very little from the command line (basically just open a file).
One person on the forum has done quite a lot of customising of Audacity so that he can run unattended batch processes from the command line, but it involves rather in-depth modifications to the Audacity source code. You can read about it here: Unattended command line processing

If you have some programming/scripting experience you may find it easier to use Sox which is a command line utility for processing sound.

Thanks Steve.