Script for 388 files

Dear awesome people,
Thank for your giving your time, knowledge and help, for free.
I do not require -yet- any assistance, I’m only starting to read the documentation but as far as I can see I can do with Audacity what I need.
I have 388 audio files (m4a) with my soliloquies. I would like to remove silence from those audios (truncate silence) and export them as mp3, so scripting seems the easiest way to do given the amount of files.
This is my plan:

  1. I will download audacity devel ( and compile it in my ubuntu machine.
  2. I will download the plugin mod-script-pipe as explained in this page and install it
  3. Then I create the script following this references
  4. I still don’t know how, but then I execute that script…

I will keep you posted and eventually ask for assistance if I’m stuck somewhere.
Have a nice day!

No need to do that because the source code for mod-script-pipe is included with the main Audacity source code (it’s in the lib-src directory).
Better still, I don’t think that you need to use mod-script-pipe at all for this task, if all 388 audio files are in the same folder - you can just use an ordinary “Macro”. See: Macros - Audacity Manual