Scrip for Auto Noise reduction

Hi Guys

i am new to this forum and looking for help or support to remove the noise from recorded files , details are as below

We have 1000s of audio files produced daily in our call center. We need to remove (using sox/audacity or any other script) 2-3 types of voices in the background.

Script / Cron Tasks

-Automatically scan and remove all unwanted background noise for all audio files being stored on the recording server

-Save file in the original format by deleting the original file on the recording server

-highly efficient and timed process to ensure load balancing on server

Sample 20 files will be given for batch processing. If the result of those samples is acceptable we will award the project.

The Server is Linux based.

I think SoX will be your better option. Their noise reduction effect is documented here: (see: “noisered”)
There are some example bash scripts that you may find helpful here: