Scribbling over tracks

I’m not sure how feasible it is, but I would love to be able to scribble over the top of tracks with the mouse like this

I often lose my place and get confused when trying edit and sync different tracks up. I also don’t have much time for long extended editing sessions, so it would be helpful to be able to mark parts of the track for next time I open it up. I try using labels but they don’t seem to work that well for this.


Labels are the way to go with this.

  • Select the part that you want to annotate.
  • Ctrl+B to add a label
  • Type your note
  • Enter to close the text.

Once you have a label track it is even easier:

  • Select the region that you wish to annotate including the label track
  • Type your note
  • Enter to close the text.

By the way, your recording level looks rather low. A good recording level would be about half the track height.

Thanks, that is helpful. I was concerned that the label would not move when I cut and paste audio, but it seems if I simultaneously highlight the audio and label track, the label moves with the audio - cool :slight_smile:

Thanks for the audio tip too. I will have to increase my amp volume.

Once you get use to using labels you may be interested in looking at the “Sync Lock” feature:
It’s not a feature that I use very often, and consequently I find it a bit confusing, but users that use it regularly often find it indispensable - definitely worth having a look at some time to see if it will be useful for you.

Ah awesome. Thanks for being so helpful Steve :smiley: