screen capture frame - minor bug

I may have misunderstood Audacity’s conventions, but a Windows convention is that an underlined symbol in a GUI form indicates the use of the key with the symbol.
I could not get +C to close this GUI.
FWIW I could not get the form to recognize the key as a cancel mechanism.

It works for me on Linux.
If it doesn’t work on Windows, then I agree that is a (minor) bug, but apparently it’s planned for the screenshot tool to have a major overhaul. (I don’t know when, just that the head of design has said that they plan to overhaul it).

Thanks, Steve.

Testing on W10 with 3.1.3 and the latest alpha master test build I have for 3.2.0:

a) I confirm that this does not work on Windows

b) I also note that a second press of the Alt key does not turn off the underlining(as it should)

In contrast using Alt with the main Audacity menus works fine on Windows - and it turns off all the underlining when the Alt key is pressed again.

Is this worth logging as a “bug” or is it just too trivial ?