Screeching sound when recording

Hi all,

I have two turntables connected to a Traktor Z2 mixer. The mixer is connected to a Scarlett 2i4 through XLR cables, scarlett is plugged into my macbook pro. I would like to record some vinyl with audacity, but the recorded audio has a horrible screeching noise throughout. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Make sure you have selected the Scarlet USB interface in Audacity’s Device Toolbar. The “screeching noise” is usually feedback between the Macbook microphone and speakers.
– Bill

Thanks for your reply, I have the Scarlett selected in the device toolbar but the screeching sound still happens when I listen back to the recording, also when I export the file as an mp3. Any ideas how to get rid of it?

How are you listening to the playback? Through the macbook’s internal speakers, or through the mixer?

If you plug your headphones into the mixer and play a vinyl, with and without recording in Audacity, do you hear the screeching sound?

– Bill