Screeching playback

I’m recording from the tape to my Windows 7. It looks like I’m recording the music, but when I play it back it is nothing but screeching. What am I doing wrong?

You need to fill in the blanks. Say I’m going to go out and buy your computer and the equipment you used. What would I buy?

How did you connect the tape machine to the computer?


Thank you for responding. I bought an Electro Brand tape player with a USB connection just for this reason, to record old cassette tapes. My computer is a Dell Insprion 5720 with 6 GB of ram and 64-bit. Windows 7. It came with Audacity 1.1.13, I believe it was, but I upgraded to the 2.x.

Try a different USB cable and ensure both ends of the cable fit tightly.

Turn on Transport > Software Playthrough (on/off) in Audacity so you can hear what the recording is like while it’s recording.