Scream Cube audio trouble

Ok I may be all over the place with this issue but hope someone can help. I recently bought a scream cube for an all upcoming Halloween events. The preloaded wav audio files play clear aside the regular hum that you hear from speakers when the volume is turned up. I have made my own custom fx sounds for it through Audacity to the specifications needed to play the files on the scream cube. The files are crystal clear when played through Audacity and iTunes but when played on the cube, major interference/static is very noticeable throughout the file. I have tried everything to correct the problem. I have even purchased a $2.50 wav file through just to see that maybe it was the files I’ve made. Nope, even a high quality wav file has static. Any help and insight is greatly appreciated.

If you could post a short sample of your custom sfx file, then we can have a look for reasons why the file might be causing problems. See here:

I can’t find anything about this Scream Cube, except the sales page:

and that’s not very informative. Could you post the specs you have to make these wavs?

The specs in order for the cube to work properly are as follows
All sound must be in stereo, a wav file, cd quality 44khz or 22khz and no metadata

One custom wave file is rate is at 44,100 at 16 bits per sample. and in stereo.
I will try to upload the sound file. Had some trouble trying to do it earlier

“CD quality” is 44.1 kHz, NOT “44 kHz”.
“22 kHz” is probably wrong also - that would be a very unusual sample rate. The closest standard sample rate is 22.05 kHz (22050 Hz).

To ensure that your WAV files don’t have Metadata, look in the Metadata Editor (File menu) and clear the Metadata if necessary.

Instructions for posting files to the forum: