Scratchy noise when playing track back but not on track

I’m relatively new to using Audacity. My previous DAW was Pro Tools, where this issue I’m writing about never happened.

I record an audio track for an audiobook. I go back to the beginning and start playing the track back to QA it. Every so often, the track gets scratchy and maybe even pops. I’m fearful I corrupted the track. I go back and replay, and the track is clean. I replay another time to be sure, and the track is clean.

This is happening repeatedly on all tracks, and happens a lot throughout the entire track, not just in certain spots of the track.
Is this common or normal?
What could be causing this issue and is there a way to fix it?

Audacity 2.4.2 on Windows. Dell Inspiron. Behringer B-1 mic connected to Focusrite scarlett mono pre-amp.

That suggests a playback problem rather than a problem in the recording.
What equipment are you using?

I am using a Focusrite scarlett solo pre-amp. I run that thru windows 10 Dell Inspiron i5 2.70 GHz with 8GB RAM. I have Sennheiser headphones, which probably doesn’t factor in. Maybe I don’t have enough RAM to handle the bandwidth properly?

Are you running other apps at the same time?
I know that Windows 10 is quite memory hungry, but I think 8GB RAM should be enough if you are only running Audacity.

One problem that I regularly encounter with Windows 10 (largely because I don’t use it very often) is Windows deciding to check for updates. Windows update can consume a lot of system resources and / or lots of disk read / writes, and that can cause bad playback. Anti-virus updates and scheduled scans can cause similar problems.

Are these BLUETOOTH Sennheiser headphones? Does this problem arise with hardwired headphones ?