Scratchy fast playback

The basic and main one is that Audacity does not work. First thign after reading start up was to play an audio file and it does not just a scratchy blurb of noise for a short period of time. so will keep researching. I am in Linux Mint 17.2 all updates plus items related to audacity 2.1.2 from the Audacity website. Afraid to try anythign else if it wont do the simplest thing…
Thanks hoping for the best a user friendly recording and editing software.

Moved to the correct GNU/Linux board.

Assuming it’s a legitimate file (not copyright protected) it’s because you are choosing the pulse playback device in Audacity which does not always interact perfectly with Audacity. Choosing default also chooses pulse.

Choose the (hw) playback device instead in Device Toolbar which bypasses pulseaudio, or read here about how to set a different pulseaudio latency which should solve the problem: