scratching noise when recording[SOLVED]

I recently changed from Windows XP to 7 as well as installed Audacity 2.0 and noticed that my recordings are experiencing significant pops and clicks. I use Audacity to digitise LPs. I also use a PC with a Lynx L22 card with the latest Lynx driver and firmware. This setup has beeen working well for years, before the recent change to W7, Audacity 2.0 , so I’m sure that one of these two (or combination of) may be the culprit. If it is a driver issue, is there a chance that this can be fixed? If not, are there any practical solutions?
Another observation, if it’s of any use: the sound is closer to scratching than single click/pop, and follows more closely the higher frequencies in the recording.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Do you find drivers that admit they know what Win7 is? Do any of the other Linyx services work?

On page 12 of the instruction book download, they give you a process to check the card using Windows Sound Recorder. I think Windows Sound Recorder still exists…


Latest update - I have just reset the power settings to high performance (as recommended by the Lynx soundcard manufacturers) and the scratching noise has disappeared. I never would have guessed that the card would be so sensitive to this setting. Thanks very much for taking an interest.