Scratching noise when a loops repeats?

Hey guys. My first question on these forums got me such nice help… if you don’t mind, I’ll throw out another one!

So when I take a sample and loop-play it, a lot of time there’s the little scrape noise when it starts over. Sometimes it’s something obvious, like a hint of the guitar that was about to come in right after, etc.

Sometimes I can trim it off, but sometimes I can’t really pinpoint what’s making the sound. Is there a telltale wave shape, or anything, that you just always know to trim off… or a certain point on the “crest” of a wave where it’s generally better to cut at?


As a first step, select where you want to cut then try Edit > Find Zero Crossings. That will adjust the edges of the selection region so that the samples there are silent, so they should not click when you loop or repeat. That may not make much sense unless you zoom in to the see the individual samples, but a waveform continually goes down from positive (above the centre line) to negative (below) and back up again. So the aim is to have the selection edge where the waveform has risen from a negative sample below the centre to the zero point at centre.

To do Find Zero Crossings more easily, type its shortcut (Z by default).