Scratch playback

This is kind of an odd question so I’ll try it in this section:
Does any one know of a video and audio playback software that allows you to playback and listen (obviously) to audio and video but be able to pull back the time line control and easily listen to snippets again and again - like you wanted to check that small section is correct? Simply listing from the start isn’t enough but scratching over a small area is what I’m after. And I’m pretty sure that Windows Media Play doesn’t do that.


Audacity can do that with Audio, but there is no video functionality. It’s unclear exactly what you want, but if you just highlight the section you want and hold shift while pressing play, that will loop the highlighted section.

I have no experience with video stuff.

The reason I need it is for checking animation lip synching. Which is why I need both audio and visual info at the same time and to be able to select small snippets or to go over and over and over small segments in time without having to watch the whole sequence.

In that case, Audacity won’t help you.