Scrambled System Audio on Wake from Sleep

I got a new iMac Pro a couple of months ago. It had an odd issue - audio (sample rate) scrambled after waking from deep sleep.I had to restart and reopen apps and files to clear it.

I isolated my install of Audacity 2.3.2 as the culprit. If I quit Audacity before sleep, no problem. If I don’t, not only Audacity, but all system audio is scrambled (Adobe Audition won’t play at all).

I’m thinking maybe completely uninstalling and reinstalling Audacity might be a next thing to try - but, the related files don’t show up in App Cleaner. (There seem to be many Apple UI conventions that Audacity does not (yet?) follow… dismissing dialogs with the return key, showing the file path right-clicking the window title, etc etc… but I digress.)

Is there a complete list of supporting files available so I can completely uninstall-reinstall?

I’ve attached a zipped Audacity support log, per the advice on the Bug Report page.

Mac OS 10.14.6
Audacity 2.3.2 (490 KB)

Please see this sticky forum post.

– Bill

Thank you, Bill - I’ll give it a try and get back.