School of Podcast

I hit on this station while searching on winamp, its easy to bookmark

dont know if this will help

They seem to talk a lot about podcasting… theres a web site too

There should be some search engine somewhere to search for podcasts, maybe search by category
I heard a lot about get it from i tunes… think you need to have that installed on your comp ?
dont know, never used it

I got it to play just fine.

The beginning of that podcast addresses billing and money-making, promotion, etc. etc. They admit that you have to have the basics in place before you do any of these things. The basics are being able to get your microphones to work and be able to produce a clear, understandable podcast.

That’s the “All You Need Is,” or “You Only Need.” Getting over that first hump is why a lot of people arrive on the forum. It’s just not physically and electrically that easy to set up your own podcast, particularly since newbies arrive with a laundry list of requirements: “I need to share a Skype conversation with two people in the studio and musical themes…”

These people can do that:

Note that they didn’t just plug in a Yeti and go. Way before figuring out how much to charge for commercials, is actually making the show.

Transom does very well not only explaining the production aspects, but they actually did equipment shoot-offs and published the results. I think they even mentioned the Yeti.

So we’ll add you to the list of resources for post production.


There is:

And it has “search by category”…

I heard a lot about get it from i tunes… think you need to have that installed on your comp ?
dont know, never used it

Me neither. But I’m not really into podcasts outside of Youtube…

I use iTunes, but strictly for my own music. Just listening to it. I don’t even make many playlists. If there’s video in my iTunes, it’s by mistake. I’ve had a short list of podcasts, but these have all gone back to plain writing…

I think I was trying to work out how to get… periscope … seems a kind of add on video streaming …?
kind of live events … and think part of it was you had to load up i tunes
in end I did nt , you get the feeling their software is getting access to your stuff on your comp !

Similarly I wanted to get real player down loaded to my new laptop

seems it has new name … real lives… or something

I started downloading it and it was taking ages… organize your videos … organize your audio s
on and on…
in the end I stopped the download
Ill have to try and find an old version, just the simple basic player