Scarlett 8i6

No matter what i try I cannot get Audacity to show 4 inputs. Ive looked through threads here and tried various things but to no avail.
The interfce is being recognised but only shows 2 inputs.
Can anyone help?

I’ve never tried it, but there is some information [u]here[/u].

I don’t know if anybody uses Audacity for multitrack recording. If you can’t get it working with Audacity you might try [u]Cakewalk[/u] (now free) or another [u]DAW[/u].

Please post the “Audio Device Info”:

  1. “Help menu > Diagnostics > Audio Device Info”
  2. Wait for the info to appear, then click the “Save” button and save it somewhere convenient
  3. Attach the saved file to your reply (see: