Scarlett 2i2 question

We did have a posting from someone where the unit didn’t work out well.

But we think it was his system or his computer. There’s no reason it shouldn’t work. It’s a pretty simple but complete interface.

There’s a problem with asking us for a review. Unless one or more of the elves happens to have the device, the only other people likely to respond are the people who post that their computer is on fire and they blame the device. I would Google Reviews and only pay attention to the complaints. Ignore completely the people claiming that the Focusrite saved their marriage. Those are probably bogus.


The Desperation Method of capturing computer sound is to jack the inputs to the outputs on the interface, and then arrange the pathways in windows and Audacity. That does work – assuming the Focusrite is in good health.

But you’re right, by far the best way is do the job in software/internal services. You’re missing the two distortion passes: Digital to Analog and then Analog back to Digital in the Focusrite. You can search your computer right now for the Stereo-Mix device.