Scarlett 2i2 question

Hi, I am looking for a simple setup. The Scarlet 2i2 would do fine for what I need.
Does it work with Audacity?
With this setup will I be able to record computer audio, like audio from a Youtube Video… (I think all I have to do is set the Input Channels to Stereo Mix, but I would like to be sure.)

We did have a posting from someone where the unit didn’t work out well.

But we think it was his system or his computer. There’s no reason it shouldn’t work. It’s a pretty simple but complete interface.

There’s a problem with asking us for a review. Unless one or more of the elves happens to have the device, the only other people likely to respond are the people who post that their computer is on fire and they blame the device. I would Google Reviews and only pay attention to the complaints. Ignore completely the people claiming that the Focusrite saved their marriage. Those are probably bogus.


The Desperation Method of capturing computer sound is to jack the inputs to the outputs on the interface, and then arrange the pathways in windows and Audacity. That does work – assuming the Focusrite is in good health.

But you’re right, by far the best way is do the job in software/internal services. You’re missing the two distortion passes: Digital to Analog and then Analog back to Digital in the Focusrite. You can search your computer right now for the Stereo-Mix device.


Thanks for the reply, and good advice on searching for what does not work well.
There are many problems.
Plus I found my answer about Stereo Mix here, and it seems to be no… someone said that the Stereo Mix will only record from the built-in card (so the card in the computer).

I have used a Scarlett 2i4 with Audacity. The interface sounds great. It works with Audacity but there are definitely issues. I’m using it to record piano so just stereo tracks and no overdubbing, but a lot of cutting and pasting to comp together a finished rendition.

First issue: I’m using and HP laptop that was reimaged by my company (I own it but the primary use is as a business computer) so the laptop should run Windows 7, but actually has XP installed. So in order for the Scarlett to be properly installed I need to restart the computer before every recording session (for business I just put it on standby for quicker startups). Sometimes Audacity still doesn’t recognize the interface so then restart.

Second issue: At random times the interface will lose audio sync with Audacity (starts to sound like ring modulation). If it loses sync while recording then the recorded sound is affected, but if it’s just on playback it’ll sound fine when I restart playback.

For what I’m doing I can live with these stupid idiosyncrasies as Audacity does have pretty awesome audio editing capabilities.

Here’s a link to a recording I finished editing today.

Audacity checks for devices when it starts. If you plug something in late, you can restart or Transport > Rescan.

Audacity is a simple audio program and likes running on simple computers. It works just fine on both WinXP and Win7, so if you’re having problems, it sounds like speed and resource struggling issues. The computer may not be up to running live sound.

It’s harder than it looks. The computer can’t get it in its craw to go off and do Windows management in the middle of an arpeggio. It’s not like recalculating a spreadsheet where it doesn’t much matter how long it takes.

If possible stop other software that could be competing for resources. I would certainly stop Skype or other audio applications not just put them to sleep.


Here’s a link to a recording I finished editing today.

First time I ever heard that in flat, minor, seventh, diminished four times jazz progression.

How are you recording the piano? I mean exactly how. Whatever you’re doing seems to work perfectly.

If your machine really is starved for resources, there’s no way you’re going to be able to do stable overdubbing. That requires perfect control of both a complete play and a separate complete record channel at the same time.


Hi Guys,

I’m not going to give you any biased opinions, just a few facts.

  1. Rather than wiring Outputs to Inputs, some of our Scarlett interfaces have loopback which is doing the same task internally and generally does a much cleaner, safer job than hard-wiring. For example, our Scarlett 8i6 has virtual loopback functionality as well as all our current Firewire interfaces.

  1. If you guys are having any issues (I see some of you have connectivity issues) please feel free to contact us at and we will do our best to help.



Also see: Audacity Manual .