Scarlett 2i2 on windows 10 - not recording

Attaching an audio line form a Yamaha Reflex, through Scarlett 2i2.
Error message:
“Error opening sound device”
I have toggled my settings, finally I have, rescanned, toggled overdub, software playthrough, searched thsi forum
MME Focusrite Mic. Mono Focusrite speaker

I just cant sort this out

Works fine in Ableton

I had this problems a few days now - asked the question a few days ago then delted it thinking the lack of response meant it was a stoopid question
Anyhow just found this

Lousy vid but fixed the problem

Ooh, gives me a headache to watch that :smiley:
It seems to be basically the same as what is written in this post (pinned to the top of the Windows forum board):

I tried this but my settings were already ok.

My problem is that audacity was fine for several weeks and recording well off youtube with no problems. Then all of a sudden when I record I get only flat lines like it is not picking up any sound from my Lenovo X1 laptop.
I am using windows. Anyone any suggestions or fixes please?

The “WASAPI loopback” method is usually reliable: