Scarlett 18i8 and Audacity

Hi all,
I’ve been using Audacity for 1.5 years and love it. I was using a Scarlet 2i2 until 2 weeks ago I bought the 18i8 and setup 4 microphones. I have never been able to get the line 3 and 4 to record audio. Focusrite says that this will not work with audacity.
Is this true? Is there a fix?
If not what is another DAW that is as simple as audacity for windows 10?
Thank you and any help is appreciated.

It is possible that you will only be able to record 2 channels at a time with Audacity on Windows.

There’s a common problem that audio device manufacturers don’t bother to write multi-channel device drivers for Windows because they expect everyone to use ASIO drivers. Unfortunately Audacity cannot ship with ASIO support due to licensing reasons, so you are limited to the Windows drivers.

If you post the “Audio device info” that will give us a better idea of whether multi-channel recording is likely to be possible with the 18i8 and Audacity. Go to:
“Help menu > Diagnostics > Audio device info”
Wait for the info window to appear, then click the “Save” button and save the info somewhere convenient.
Attach the saved file to your reply (see: )