Scanning VST Plug-ins (pop-up window)

I have been using the old beta version for about a year and I just uninstalled it, and installed the curent version today 1/14/2013.
Everytime I click on the Audacity icon to initiate the program, I get a pop-up window with a title ‘Scanning VST Plug-ins’ and it scans for about 10 seconds before the application finally comes up.
I didn’t get this in the old beta version, so do I have something missing in my installation?

The scanning dialogue may appear at each launch if you do not have any VST plug-ins.

In that case, Edit > Preferences (or Audacity > Preferences on a Mac computer) then choose “Effects” on the left. Under “Enable Effects”, uncheck “VST” and click OK. The scanning dialogue should not appear next time you launch Audacity.


Under Preferences,
I see two references to VST…
One is under ‘Enable Effects’
. Nyquist
The 2nd one is under ‘VST Effects’
. Display Effect in graphical mode
. Rescan VST effects next time Audacity is started

All items were checked when I viewed the screen.
Should I also uncheck the second one referenced on ‘vST Effects’?

The one under “Enable Effects” is the important one. Uncheck the VST option there.
“Display Effect in graphical mode” only affects VST effects if VST effects are enabled.
“Rescan VST effects next time Audacity is started” should not be checked.

That works for me. Thank you much.