Saving WAV fiiles and getting them into Nero to burn to CD

Where do I I get the WAV files that I have made from my LP’s with Audacity and save them to, and also how do I get thw WAV files into Nero to burn to CD’s. I have found the main manual and Wiki very confusing as I am 78yrs old and new to recording LP’s. I have an Ion USB turtable that I am recording from can you help me. Thanks

When you finish recording one side of a record, stop Audacity and File > Export As WAV.

When Audacity gets done exporting, you can open that WAV file in your Music CD authoring program and burn a disk.

That’s the simple version. If you get that working OK (I know the object is to eventually capture the whole record) write back and we’ll get a little more complicated.


Dear Sir, I do not know if I am not grasping the second part of your reply,it does not seem to answer my question in full. When I have exported the WAV file how do do I get it in to my NERO Music CD authoring program to burn to disc. When I export the WAV file do I have to give it the name of the burning programme ie. NERO. Even though I have printed out the various tutorials including how to burn CD’s it does not seem to give me answers in plain English instead of technical terms. As I said in my previous post I am new to this sort of thing and would like to put some of my favourite LP’s onto CD before I dispose of same. Any further help you can give me on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

No, you open up your Nero and either browse for the WAV file you want or drag it/them into the appropriate Nero Window.

Ensure that you export your WAVs as 44.1kHz 16-bit PCM stereo (the Red Book standard for CDs)

For mo info see: