saving wav as 48000hz

Hi xp windows, exe file v2.0.2

OK i’m trying to save a file as 48000 wav but it keeps changing to 32000 when saving.
my phone has 48000hz files
I also want to split it into stereo but it grayed out.

any help on how to do this

Duplicate the track (Control-D? I’m not on a Windows machine). Use the dropdown to the left of the track (little black arrow) > Make Stereo Track.

You can change Audacity “permanently” by Edit > Preferences > Quality: 48000 > OK.

The next time you open your show, it should default (lower left corner) to 48000. File > Export > WAV, etc. etc. should now be 48000, 16-bit etc.

You can force a change temporarily by reaching down to the lower left and change that setting to 48000. That’s good for this show only.


cool got it saved as 48000 thanks
still no split its grayed out

Do you mean make stereo out of two mono or left and right tracks? You have to click in the name of the upper of the two tracks.

If you already have two mono or left and right you cannot split them, they are already split.

See Audacity Manual .


Hmm now more problems
when it was 32 or 48 at-least it would play(chipmunk) so I tried to get the bit rate the same
i changed the sample rate to 96.
now it says file is not supported.
I really don’t know anything about sound files any chance you guys convert this file for me to get it to work i suppose it has to have the same properties?
i need the new file to have the properties of the old file.


oh I now understand about the duplicate then combine

Change the sample rate in Project Rate here

to 48000 Hz, then export. Changing project rate does not change the speed.

View > Toolbars > Selection Toolbar if you don’t see the above.

Changing the rate in the Track Drop-Down Menu > Set Rate does change the speed.



thank you
that’s a big thank you. Lol