Saving Wav. and MP3

I’ve download my lame file to audacity and i tried to export y mp3 but every time i open the file folder the lame_enc.dill won’t appear on the file folder or any other file on program files (x86) or this PC. So i need a other way of exporting my mp3 and wav. file. I really need your help!

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Please log in as your new username “dp987085” from now on. The password is the same as before.

You only need LAME for exporting as MP3. You can export as WAV without LAME.

I suggest you follow these instructions to the letter:


I can’t do that! it says i need permission from the administer order from me to export the wav. file! and like i said i need another way to export it because the it won’t let me export to no file on audacity. I’m telling you it’s not working! please tell me what to do!

As the error message says, you cannot export to Program Files (x86) if you are not an administrator.

Either say “Yes” to the dialogue in your image and save to the Users\David folder, or say “No” and export again but this time, click in “Save in:” at the top of the export dialogue and save somewhere else in your user space.

If you want complete freedom where to export to, log out then log in as Administrator and give the Administrator password. This is normal for computers, to protect users from harming system files and folders by mistake.


How do i log in as Administrator? and how do i log out? is there a certain membership for it? where do i log in to it?

You can log out by shutting down the computer and restarting.

To log out without shutting down use the well known method of holding ALT, CTRL + DEL at the same time. According to how your computer is set up, there may be an option to “Switch user” without logging out as your current user.

If you need more help, or need the admin password, please ask the person who installed Windows on the machine for help.

Or simply save the file somewhere else. It is not hard to press Yes in the dialogue Windows gives you. Audacity happens to default to saving in the Program Files folder, but that is something we should fix.


Okay i try to save somewhere else, it says “Normally these files end in “.wav”, and some programs will not open files with nonstandard extensions.” If i press yes, it won’t export the the whole song. I need another way to export it!

Do not add dots (periods) into the file name you are saving to.

If you must add a dot, also add “.wav” (without quotes) to the end of the file name that has a dot. So, typing for example

will work.

To export the whole song, use File > Export Audio… (not File > Export Selected Audio…) .