Saving to a different location

How can I save a project to a location other than Windows/Microsoft “My Music” file. When I want to play the project the whole “My Music” window opens. I would like the saved project to open with a photo/drawing logo/background. Thanks

So you can click on the little folder icon with the green arrow:
That will give you a choice of folders or drives to save the project.

Which one? why?

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m trying to find a way that the saved file does not open with the Windows My Music folder showing. Wherever I save it from Audacity or after I saved it and want to import it elsewhere, say Powerpoint, when clicked on the icon it still opens in the Windows My Music screen folder. I don’t want that screen in the presentation; would rather have a picture, etc. Any thoughts? Thanks

Sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about. Perhaps you want to send a video?