Saving settings to apply to new files?

Is there a way to save bass, treble and other settings once you have them worked out so they can be applied to new files?
How… yes I searched the manual and the index… nothing applicable that I saw


It depends on how you got there. Effect > Equalization has the ability to export a suite of settings and call it back whenever you need them.

The settings for some effects stick from one use to the next. If it’s really important and I don’t have good familiarity of the tools, I’ve been known to screen grab the control panel or [gasp] write the settings down.


The usual problem isn’t getting the settings to stick. It’s getting back to Factory Settings after you’ve had your way with them. There is no clicky for that. You have to know the on-line instruction book features the Default Factory Settings.

…and transfer them manually.


thanks for the tips… good to know…

Most effects support user presets. See:
Some also have pre-defined “Factory presets” (for example, the Reverb effect).

That is no longer necessary. Most effects have the Manage button as Steve described. The “Factory Presets” item in that Manage menu contains an item to reset to defaults.