saving removed vocals

Hi, I’m a newbie with a question I can’t resolve.
Is there a way to save what the Vocal Remover removes (ver2.0.5, WIN 7 installed from .zip file)?
the scenario is this: old wire recording (mono) both channels combined for fake stereo. The vocal remover successfully removed the speech and all that was left was the undesired background noise that I want to remove. Can I somehow recover what Vocal Remover took out and save that for a relatively noise free recording?
Thanks in Advance

You want Vocal Isolation.


thanks? I didn’t know to say what I wanted to do. I’ll give it a go.

It’s hard to say if you’ll get satisfactory results. The vocal removal (or vocal/center isolation can be fun to play with but they rarely give you “professional” results.

There is a plug-in for Winamp called [u]DSP Centercut[/u] that can isolate or remove the center channel. (Winamp and the plug-in are FREE!)

[u]GoldWave[/u] ($60 USD after free trial) also has some advanced center-channel processing that can isolate the center.

As Winamp has changed ownership you’ll have a slight dance to find it: .

There is a bx_solo plug-in that does similar - see Vocal Removal Plug-ins - Audacity Wiki .