Saving projects

I have just used Audacity for the fidt time to record a speach lasting 30 Minutes and saved it for later copying. However now when I opened it I found that it was saved in 244 mini-files of about 10 seconds each. How do I get to make these one continues file so that I may burn it to a Cd. Thanks

When you save an Audacity project as <project_name> it creates a number of things

  1. a top level master project file called <project_name>.aup
  2. a folder at the same filing level called <project_name>_data
  3. and within the folder a sub-folder structure with lots of little .au files - segments of the recording (mainly audio clips - but a couple of then are graphics files)

When you re-open a project with Audacity you should always open the <project_name>.aup top level file. This tells Audacity how to thread together all the little .au files. It is deliberately designed this way so that Audacity doesn’t have to open and work with a single humungously large file, which would hamper performance. You should not be attempting to open or manipulate any individual .au files.

When you have finished editing your Audacity project you can Export it from Audacity as a set of WAV files for burning to a music CD (NOT a data CD) with CD burner s/w. For more detail see this article in the Wiki:

Hi Waxcylinder,
Thanks so much for your speedy helpful reply. I will certainly use your advice.