Saving Projects

Hi. I’ve been using Audacity for many years. I’ve just started using a new PC and can no longer save projects in the usual way. To be clear, after loading audio and starting an edit, I can save once and Audacity will ask me to name the project. After that, as I continue editing, clicking ‘save project’ simply doesn’t work. It goes into a kind of loop. I realised it wasn’t working when a couple of my supposedly saved projects had to be recovered. The only way to save, therefore, is to ‘save as’ and keep changing the file name! Please advise.

It used to be when one ecountered strange issues such as this that it would be standard to reboot the machine. Have you tried this?

Are you on Audacity 3.0.2?

3.0.2 has a new save tool. File > Save Project > Backup Project. That will let you save a whole project under a new name and stay where you are. That will collect multiple intact backups as you go instead of making you constantly shuffle between the Current and One-Away project.

Back to the problem. Audacity hates Network and Cloud drives. Companies go to great pains to make it look completely transparent, but that little drive icon has all the delays, data management, retries, collision avoidance, and other problems of an internet connection. Audacity hates that.

Did I hit it?

When you do restart the machine, do a clean shutdown. Shift+Shutdown > Wait > Start. That clears out a lot more things than plain Shutdown and Restart. It takes longer. If it takes way longer, then you may have been overdo for a sweeping out.

Being obsessive, I would let the machine settle and do it again.