Saving projects on the Mac

Using 3.5 on the Mini 14.4.1, saving a project works, but when I try to open it, it fails.

What is “Mini 14.4.1”? There is a “Mini 14,3” (M2 Processor) and “Mini 14,12” (M2pro Processor).

How do you try to open the project? From within Audacity 3.5, or by double-clicking the project file?

You’re running macOS 14.4.1, right?

In what way does it “fail” when you try to open the project.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 12.23.17 PM

Save project, Save project as both seem to save the project, open it via double click, or File/Open return this same error.

It’s a Silicon M2Pro. Running OSX 14.4.1

Does this happen with all projects, or just one?

If just one it is highly likely that the project is corrupted and cannot be recoverd.

The write fails every single time since upgrading to 3.5
I have completely uninstalled and re-installed, making sure to get a clean removal, grabbed a factory fresh copy of the installer, and the result is exactly the same.
I’ve sent in a few of the error screens with the attached code.

Thanks for the clarification that you meant the OS version and not the Mac Mini model.

Did you look at the link in the error message - what does it say (I never had this problem with any of my Macs)? It might be that your project file is corrupted somehow.
Is “Nappy” your internal drive, or an external drive?
Do you have access rights (read and write) on this volume / folder (click the surrounding folder and select “Info”)? At the bottom, the first entry is your name and your access rights (read, write). See attached image.

Bottom of INFO

You say in your post that the “write” fails, but the error message is about reading from the database. So the error occurs when attempting to Save or Save As a project? Earlier you say the problem occurs when trying to open a project.

Re-installing Audacity does not reset your configuration.
See Installing and updating Audacity on Mac - Audacity Manual
You might want to try that.

You didn’t say if it is just the one project that has this problem, or all projects.

This is not a permissions thing. The results are the same on the core drive, either drive in the OWC, the NAS, a couple of sticks that I tried, and the array under the desk. It is not a single file being corrupt, creating a new one may, or may not actually write the file, and if it does, the file will return an error every time when trying to open it.

As mentioned, the write may, or may not happen, across a number of storage media. There is no discernible pattern. IF the file writes, it cannot subsequently be opened, generating the error that I submitted every time it popped up and the screenshot I shared above. Doing a straight Save or a Save As returns the same scenario.
I’ve been dealing with Macs for a very long time, and I’ve been using Audacity since v.95. I have the tools and the knowledge to get all the config off the machine when something gets removed, and I am very confident that a fresh install is exactly that.
That suggests that there is an issue with either the core OSX 14.4.1, which is rather unlikely, it would have surfaced, or something resident on this machine. The plug ins that are here work fine in the Harrison console and Studio One. Both of these are large tools for these quick little edits that I do in Audacity.

Do you have the Audacity 3.4.2 installer? If you install that, do all the problems vanish?