Saving problems

NEED HELP!!! I some what know the basics around this program. I’ve made alot of songs in the past with no problem. Now whenever I make a new song or go back to my old songs in this program. All of my tracks are just flat lined. I’ve been working on this new song for about 2 hours now and it was working fine. Till I save it. As soon as i open the file back up to continue to work on it. All the audio is just flatt lined. This is very upsetting to me. If I cant figure a way to get the audio fixed I will have to resort to another program that isn’t acting this way. Please help me …plus I cant even attach just a picture to show because its saying file to big?

There are two parts to an Audacity project. The “.aup” file, and a “_data” folder.
The audio data for the project is in the “_data” folder.
The two parts must stay together, just as they are when you save the project.
If you move or delete the “_data” folder, there will be an error message to say that the data cannot be found, and all tracks will become flat lines.

See here for how to safely handle projects: