Saving problem: only .au forms, No .AUP!

Hi there,

I have a problem with saving a recording. I only have a map with .AU forms (like 500 pieces of 6 seconds of my recording). But I need a . AUP version and eventually a .WAV version.

So how do I get the .AUP version of my already existing .AU form?

It’s really important because I need this recording for research.

Thank you!

The .AU files are the data files that belong to an Audacity project. You should not touch them - let Audacity handle them.
Audacity works in its own “project” format. There are two parts to an Audacity project - an .AUP file and the associated data. When you “Save” a recording, an AUP file is creates and a folder which has “_data” at the end is created. The data files (.AU files) are copied by Audacity into the _data folder.

To create a normal audio file you must “Export” from Audacity.

See here for more details: