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Hi, I finished a song and made a mix. before i rendered and mixed the tracks i made sure to save them. when i went back to retrieve the pre mix tracks it wasnt an audacity folder it was a standard folder marked e00 and d01 and there were about 75 data pages. I selected them all and put them back in audacity and it was pretty bad, a complete mess. can I get the premix tracks back the way I left them at the end of the mix? what did I do wrong on the save? cheers

I started a new topic for you. It’s best to start a new topic now this is no longer about a recording speed problem.

Open the AUP file you saved. It will only open in Audacity. Do not interfere with the _data folder in any way.

When you want a file for other applications on your computer, File > Export Audio.

You can read more about projects here: Managing Audacity Projects.


Hi, looked over manage aud proj, helpful but still not able to open project. the folder is labeled song1premixtrks-data, when I high lite and open it shows sub file e00, when I high lite e00 and open, sub file d01 appears, when i high lite and open it shows all the (70+) pages e0001a0d…any suggestions? cheers

This is an Audacity project.

The AUP file is instructions what to do with all that stuff in the _DATA folder. Double click the AUP file and it should launch Audacity and open the show.

This is not going to work if you changed the names. The AUP file and the _DATA folder should have the same name and it should be the name they were made with.


You meed to be completely precise to describe problems like this.

Are you opening the AUP file? Go to File > Recent Files top left of Audacity and click the AUP file you want. Does it open? And if not, do you see the error “Cannot find data folder”? Audacity will not find a folder called “song1premixtrks-data”. They hyphen in the folder name needs to be an underscore “song1premixtrks_data”.


Hi, Im still not sure how to create a new topic question. when I log in I dont see a new topic button at the top left of the screen. whats the best way or page to be on to ask a new question? cheers

Is the problem with opening the project SOLVED? If not, please continue here.

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