Saving plug-in settings in macros

I use Audacity 3.3 .3 under Win10 on one computer and Win11 on another. On either, when saving a macro, I can save specific parameters for Audacity built-in effects (e.g., High-pass filter) but apparently not for plug-ins from external programs (e.g., TDR Nova equalizer, Izotope Rx7 mouth declick). Question: Is there a way to save specific parameters in a macro for TDR Nova, Rx7 mouth declick, and other plug-in effects?

Example: I create macro A with two effects, Audacity high-pass (HP) filter and TDR Nova. For HP I set threshold 80hz and rolloff 24db/octave. For TDR Nova I want to set a -3db notch at 95hz. But while Audacity saves in macro A the specific HP parameters, it saves for TDR Nova only “Use_Preset=Current Setting” – not specific parameters – even though within TDR Nova I can create multiple retrievable user presets with differing parameters. Then, after I save macro A, apply HP and TDR Nova outside this macro each with varied parameters, and then reopen macro A, the macro applies HP with 80hz threshold and 24db/octave rolloff as originally specified but applies TDR Nova with whatever parameters I used most recently outside the macro. This seemingly means that if I want macro A to apply TDR Nova with a 95hz notch filter, my last use of TDR Nova before applying macro A must be for a 95hz notch filter rather than any other EQ parameters – otherwise macro A will apply different EQ parameters than I want. This is inefficient and error-prone; how can I avoid it?

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