Saving Noise Filter

I am new to Audacity. I am using it to convert my cassette and vinyl collections. My tape player creates noise, both a hiss and some sort of thump sound. I created a filter to use on my first load and after some trial and error it worked fine. Is there a way to save this filter so I can reuse it? I wish to avoid finding a empty spot in the load to extract a new filter for each load. I went through the manual and FAQ on noise removal and did not find anything.

It is best to make a noise profile from each recording. How well the profile matches the noise that you want to remove is critical to the effectiveness of the Noise Removal effect. However, if you have multiple recordings where the background noise is extremely similar, then you could export a sample of noise from one of those recordings and save that separately as something like “noise.wav”.
(File menu > Export Selection)
Be sure to export the noise in WAV format rather than MP3 or other lossy format.

When you want to use that noise profile, simply import “noise.wav” (File menu > Import > Audio) and use it to create the Noise Profile.
Click on the [X] in the top left corner of the noise track to delete it after you have made the noise profile.