Saving music with labels

I am using Audacity 2.1.1 on Windows 7. I am able to successfully transfer and save music from audio cassette tapes to my computer. However, I have not been able to get the process for labeling the tracks so that each track title is displayed when the respective track is being played. I have the feeling I am not doing some critical step to make all this work. I click where I want the label to appear (at the beginning of the song or track), where the track ends, and then type the title for that track in small box that appears below the recording pattern. I’ve done this for all of the tracks. When I save the end product, the music plays perfectly, but no track titles appear. It looks to me as though they are not being saved, although they still appear on the Audacity screen just below the recording pattern. Would someone please “walk me through” the process of saving track titles along with the music? The instructions that I have are not at all clear on this point.

Are you playing-back in Audacity or with another player-program? In Audacity, the labels should be saved if you save the “project”.* An exported audio file may not contain the labels.

Normally, each track is saved as a separate file, and each file has one “tag” containing the artist, album, title, etc, info for that particular track. There is some information in the [u]Audacity FAQ[/u] about labeling and exporting as separate files.

If you tag each track/song with a track number, your player software should be able to play them in order.

Note that most players don’t support tags/metadata in WAV files, but tagging is reliable for most compressed formats. And, audio CDs are altogether different.


  • Of course Audacity is an audio editor, not a player, and this wouldn’t be a good “permanent” solution.