Saving in Audacity

So in Audacity when I first start a project and I want to save it. I do file> save project>save project as.

Then from there every time I work on that same project and want to save work I have done on it I do file>same project> save project

It already has a name when I do it the first time as “save as”. So from there I usually just do the file> save project> safe project
Which I’m 99% sure is the right way to do it because I’ve looked up videos and stuff. But when I exit out and I come back in about 50% of the time it says that I didn’t save it properly and it wants to know if I want to recover the files. It’s not every time it’s about 50% of the time.

What the hell?

This could happen, for example, if you are using a cloud drive, or if your storage facility is networked or “mirrored”.

Also, note that when you exit Audacity after saving a file, you have to wait a period of time for Audacity to empty the undo buffers which I believe are also saved in your project.