Saving Files

I’m using Audacity 2.0.3 on an iMac with Mac OS X version 10.7.5 software.

When I click “Save project” under “File” the message “Error Saving Project-Couldn’t write to file”“: Error Opening File” appears. I’ve tried exporting the project to a wav file, but the message “Cannot export audio to /Volumes/Audacity 2.0.3/Audacity/rock and roll.wav” appears.

Any solutions?

Is that really what you called the show? People get killed all the time by trying to slide dates into the filename. Today is not 4/25/13, it’s 20130425. No slashes or other punctuation.

You could have permission issues. Try Exporting or Saving to your desktop just to do it. Then Desktop > Go > Utilities > Disk Utilities > System Drive (whatever you called yours. Mine is jimmyHD). Verify Disk and then Repair Permissions. If either of those fails, then you have a sick puppy computer.

Also, sometimes, Audacity tries to put your show into the System or Application folder. The Mac will not like that. Pick somewhere else.


“/Volumes/Audacity 2.0.3” is the Audacity DMG. You cannot save files to a DMG.

Please install Audacity according to these instructions:

– Bill

To kozikowski and billw58:

Part of the problem here is my low level of computer literacy(!)…I tried to follow as many of your suggestions as I could, then, failing that, I simply closed the Audacity session without saving anything (I had only recorded a couple of songs to see if I could make it work without potentially wasting a lot of time) and then started again. The second time, the save step, and all later steps through burning a CD, worked, albeit with a lot of fits and starts. Go figure!

Thanks for your offers of help!

Did you install Audacity per the instructions? That is important. Trying to work from the DMG will only create more problems.
– Bill