Saving Files? [SOLVED]

New at this.

I have Windows 8.1
I have Audacity version 2.0.5.

I am using the ART USB PhonoPlus to transfer from a analog turntable to the computer. I believe I have everything hooked up OK, so chose File New, and record. I can see the tracks recording and when done I can play then within Audacity.

I want to save them as a WAV - so I can later transfer to a CD. I use File Export and the default setting of the 16 bit PCM - but all I see saved is a pdf file. I also tried to use the add track, stereo as one of the help pages said that would for the file to be exported as a WAV.

Am I missing some step or command in the save process?


What did you call it? What’s a typical filename—exactly.

You know Windows is not going to show you MyFile.wav, right? It’s going to hide the filename extension unless you told it not to MyFile. You can also get into serious trouble with punctuation marks inside filenames. Use ISO dates: 2016-01-18, not 1/18/16.

The current Audacity is 2.1.1.


I just named it test file 1.

And Windows insisted the file was test file 1, an Adobe PDF file? If you double click it, does it try to open in Adobe Reader?


Yes - it tried to open as an abobe pdf.

I’m out. Something happened to file associations. We need to wait for a Windows elf.


Thanks. I’ll guess we will wait for a windows elf.

Try exporting it as a 16-bit WAV file and name the file “audiotest.wav” (without the quotes).
Does that still behave as a PDF file?

Solved the problem. It was saving to my computer as a .pdf. There was a setting in abobe that I needed to change to tell it to open as wav. My computer did not recognize it automatically. It now opens in Windows Media player so it should be no problem to work with in Windows. Thanks for all the help.